Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I never expected to ever see something like this. Apparently, my corn was mutated by gamma radiation, and transformed into "The Corn". This corn is faster, stronger, smarter and has more fingers than regular corn. I wonder how much I can get for this off of E-bay?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well today was another "great" day.

To start off the day, I overslept by half an hour. No big deal, since I'm home schooled, but it kind of set the tone for today's events. Around noon I found out that my dog Korena, a medium sized German shepherd, last night chewed up my Honeysuckle tree, and split most of it off. That's not the strange part, it was in a 12" pot and surounded by a green double-layer wire fence. She apparently jumped on the fence and pushed it down like you would a sock when you take it off. Then she chewed it, and snapped it in half. I just got that plant this year at Wal-mart,it was just 3 inches tall, and I put a plastic bag on it to protect it from frost, and watered it everyday in summer. It grew about 3 feet and had the thickness of a pencil. Korena got the leash treatment, and I think she'll stay that way for at least a week. I wonder if Wal-mart sells already grown huneysuckle trees?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My plants.

Well I decided that I will go the way of Mr Brown Thumb and dedicate my website to my plants. I have quite a large assortment of plants, even though I started to propagate and collect them mid last year. I'll post some pictures of my favorites if my sister lets me use her expensive camera.

My first blog post.

Today, I have started my own blog. I don't quite know why I did this, or where this blog will end up. Maybe I was curious, and wanted to prove to myself that I can make a blog. Or maybe I was foolish in my actions and this blog will turn into a waste. Whatever the reason, what's done is done, and now I have my own blog to chat and share my interests and feelings, or let it die in the infinitesimal internet tubes.