Monday, October 20, 2008

Well today was another "great" day.

To start off the day, I overslept by half an hour. No big deal, since I'm home schooled, but it kind of set the tone for today's events. Around noon I found out that my dog Korena, a medium sized German shepherd, last night chewed up my Honeysuckle tree, and split most of it off. That's not the strange part, it was in a 12" pot and surounded by a green double-layer wire fence. She apparently jumped on the fence and pushed it down like you would a sock when you take it off. Then she chewed it, and snapped it in half. I just got that plant this year at Wal-mart,it was just 3 inches tall, and I put a plastic bag on it to protect it from frost, and watered it everyday in summer. It grew about 3 feet and had the thickness of a pencil. Korena got the leash treatment, and I think she'll stay that way for at least a week. I wonder if Wal-mart sells already grown huneysuckle trees?

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